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PAILLES (CENTER): Residential plots in exceptional natural setting.

Rs 6,370,000

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Property Id : 22073
Price: Rs 6,370,000
Property Size: 637.00 m2

About this property


Centrally located, just a few kilometres from Port Louis and Ebene, lies a hidden treasure of natural heritage, an oasis of plants and a rivulet surrounded by century-old trees. This beautiful residential development is inspired by and designed with nature and fine living in mind. A natural, gentle stream that runs through the precinct and is within walking distance of the residential area. Indigenous trees are also found along the riverbanks and surroundings. These protected, century old landmarks form part of a green corridor that stretches through the development. This residential gem is not only about finding comfort and convenience, but also about smart living that promotes sustainability, balance and connectedness with nature and one another.

4 plots still available:

Plot of 637m2 / 168 toises – Rs.6,370,000

Plot of 676m2 / 178 toises – Rs.7,080,000

Plot of 695m2 / 183 toises – Rs.6,950,000

Plot of 816m2 /  215 toises – Rs.8,160,000

Introducing a modern Art de Vivre 

Drawing inspiration from nature, this beautiful residential project, consisting of 37 lots of serviced land in a beautifully landscaped, gated community, gives a select few the opportunity to enjoy the first open front yard residential concept on the island. 

The residential project is in one of the most convenient places on the island. Not only are you close to Port Louis and Ebene, but there are also a number of amenities available within a 5-10km range, including:

  • Private schools
  • Universities
  • Wellkin Hospital
  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Post office
  • Caudan Arts Centre
  • Odysseo
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Bus Stations


A first of its kind in the area, open front yards allow a 180-degree perspective of the neighbourhood from your front door. Experience connected living in a safe community.


Located in a highly accessible area with many different access points from all four corners of the island while still maintaining a private, home feeling.


The project is close to major cities Port Louis and Ebene and within 5-10 km of amenities such as private schools, universities, medical facilities, shopping malls.


The entire project is pedestrian friendly and connected by a sidewalk that branches out from the residential area to the commercial side and natural surrounds.


The residential project allows residents to live within walking distance from their workplace.

Convenient living the project will also house a myriad of businesses including a general business area and a shopping mall with a supermarket.

Designed with nature in mind and well-being at heart, this fully walkable, mixed-use space will embrace live, work and play in a beautifully landscaped, urban setting. 

The project is organized in three Precints:- 

  • The Northern Precinct designated to Commercial Businesses. 
  • The Central Precinct designed to become the residential area 
  • The Southern Precint earmarked for future mixed-use projects. 

In order to ensure a harmonious architecture and landscaping, all plot owners will be required to follow a cahier des charges that will consist of:

  • an architectural guideline 
  • a landscape design guideline

Open front yards create opportunities for connection with neighbours by allowing a 180-degree perspective of the neighbourhood from your front door. The intentional layout encourages easy integration with the beauty of nature and serves as a reminder that our lives are part of something shared.

Integrative, natural design.

As we continue to walk through the development, you notice the houses blend seamlessly into the background. This intentional design choice further integrates residents with the surrounding natural beauty of the area. Everything from the materials used to build, down to the foliage planted is all thoughtfully chosen to complement the natural surroundings. Clean lines, wood, stone and cement are the prime materials, staying true to nature, but with a distinctly modern flavour. When you step inside one of the homes, you will notice the easy open yard has seamlessly translated itself into an uncluttered indoor layout and open plan living areas. Natural light pours through the windows and creates the warmth of home that welcomes family and entertains guests with equal alacrity.

The entire area is pedestrian friendly. Every section is connected by a sidewalk that branches out from the residential area to the commercial side and the rivulet and surrounds. The project is designed to enable you to take life at a slower pace, be present and really enjoy the surroundings.

Amenities and Features

Other Features
Close to shops
Close to road
close to mountain
Close to public transportation
Recreational facilities
Close to restaurants
Close to park
Mountain view
Accessible to Foreigners
Close to school
Close to central areas
Landscaped garden

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